Silicone Edge Graphic: An innovative visual solution!

SEG is a high-resolution, fabric graphic finished with a silicone band sewn all along the edge of the graphic. The silicone band is inserted directly into an aluminum frame. SEG graphics can be installed and change out quickly and easily.


Frame Systems & Display Options

Fabric graphics deliver an impactful presentation with vibrant colors. Frames can be custom made to fit any size space, large or small.

Various hardware, fixtures, frames and displays can be utilized to showcase and enhance this product (see picture below). There are many different options such as backlit and non-lit, wall-mounted or free-standing, straight or curved.


Silicone Edge Graphic, The product for your brand

Attract visitors in your store and lead them to purchase

  • SEG is a unique way to highlight your brand.
  • Allow your visitors the unique experience of immersion into the world of emotion and visual based shopping


Cost Effective

  • SEG is easy to install, saving you the cost of an installer.
  • SEG is also easy to ship and store: the graphics can be folded, and the frames can be dismantled.
  • Packaging adapted to lower the shipping costs and eliminate product damage: light weight (aluminum frames), bar spliced to reduce the size of the packages.


Modularity – Reusable / In line with your brand’s life cycle

  • SEG is easy to install and change out. Each time you launch a new product or collection, just order the new images. Your existing frames are ready for reuse!
  • Booths designed with SEG frames can be reused and adapted to different spaces at no additional cost.


High premium quality product

Exceptional quality of the printing with endless benefits: vibrant colors, no damages while overstretched, extreme durability with no glare, washable…