High quality turnkey solutions that showcase your brand with big impact. We design changeable, modular and reconfigurable booths with endless possibilities.

Modular Line

Modular exhibits to meet your evolving needs

  • Ideal for 10’x10′, 10’x20′, 10’x30′ and 20’x20′ spaces
  • Packaged in a wheeled crate, with frames and graphics pre-assembled
  • May be set up with or without professional assistance

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Creative Line

Our design solution, ideal for custom exhibits. They are suitable for all spaces, reusable, and assembled by professionals.

  • Make a big impact with exhibits tailored to your image
  • Bring your ideas to life with panoramic: large-format graphics, backlit walls, curved elements, heights up to 16’
  • Panoramic exhibits are reusable!
  • Panoramic lightboxes are UL certified

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High-impact adjustable and portable exhibits.

  • Ideal for spaces from 10’x10′ to 10’x30′
  • A portable exhibit solution featuring a tubular aluminum frame covered in stretch fabric
  • Modular and adjustable: the frames connect together with optional accessories like a TV, shelves and lighting
  • Long-lasting, adjustable and reusable exhibits that let you control costs and reduce your environmental impact

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Xpressions Pop-Up Walls

An ultra-lightweight pop-up display with several textile graphics to let you easily update your message.

  • Ultra-light aluminium frame and powerful magnetic connectors allow the frame to open up automatically
  • Buttonhole attachment system makes it easy to replace graphics to suit your audience or needs
  • Originality is guaranteed thanks to its multiple 3D graphics combinations
  • Make your exhibit unique with a selection of accessories: lights, shelves, soft bag or hard case-counter

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Xtension. Pop-Up Wall

Our Xtension pop-up walls feature perfect angles. They are a pop-up display solution with a dye-sublimation fabric graphic which gives it exceptional color execution. The graphic stays attached to the frame, thus making set-up and dismantling quick, easy and intuitive.

  • Create your own exhibit by choosing from our retractables, pop-ups or backwalls solutions
  • Perfect for 10’x10′ spaces with or without corners
  • Ultra-practical: each exhibit is transported in a wheeled case container that transforms into a counter

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Lite. Banner Stands

Our Lite. banner stands feature an invisible frame that will make your graphic stand out.

  • ‹”L-shaped” structure with stable, attractive base ‹
  • Telescopic pole to adjust the height (up to 86″)
  • Clipping hangers allow you to switch out the graphics yourself
  • Optional lighting available

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Sprint. Banner Stands

Sprint. is one of our most versatile banner stands and can hold all types of print material available on the market, including dye-sublimation printed fabric graphics.

  • Available with a single- or double-sided display
  • Height of the graphic is adjustable (up to 98”) thanks to the adjustable ring and telescopic pole
  • Easy and automatic setup: Three feet are linked by a bungee cord
  • Self-adhesive or clipping hangers let you easily change out the graphic
  • Steel and aluminum tripod foot offers maximum stability and a high-quality product finish

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Supreme.Slim Retractable Banners

Our Supreme. banners are the utterly practical, road-warrior retractable!

  • Retractable and portable, they are the epitome of practicality
  • Offer extreme flexibility with its removable roller, which makes changing graphics easy
  • Adjustable height with a telescopic pole that reaches up to 84.5”

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Set. Retractable Banners

Our Set. retractable banners combine functionality and design.

  • Elegant and stylish base paired with its dye-sublimation printed fabric graphic gives it incomparable visual impact
  • Easy to set up: simply unroll the graphic that is stored securely within the base and attach it to the top of the pole
  • Everything stays protected during transport and is delivered in a customized carry case
  • Telescopic pole lets you adjust your retractable to heights from 35” to 90” with a choice of graphic widths: 23.62″, 31.5″ ,39.37″, 47.24″

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One. Retractable Banners

Our One. retractable banners offer the ideal solution, price, and quality for budget-conscious customers.
This all-in-one product includes:

  • A light and compact aluminum casing, two retractable stabilizing feet (one for one.R2) for perfect stability, and a dye-sublimation printed fabric graphic
  • Delivered in a carry case, and is available in a single- or double-sided format
  • Allow for fast and easy set-up in just a few seconds

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Free-Standing Display

Free-standing frames are ideal for all types of communication and are a simple method to showcase your brand identity.

  • With dye-sublimation printed fabric graphics, free-standing frames deliver unbeatable visual impact and a flawless finish
  • Thanks to their custom packaging, you can store your free-standing frames in your trunk, take them on the train or even stow them in a cabin
  • In less than 15 minutes, you can install the frame, insert the graphic and set up the two stabilizing feet
  • With customizable dimensions, free-standing frames are adaptable to any space

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Contour Pop-Up Walls

Tubular system with stretch single-sided or double-sided graphic for those looking for a truly portable, modular and changeable exhibit solution with optional accessories.

  • A portable exhibit solution featuring a tubular structure covered in stretch single-sided or double-sided graphic
  • Lightweight and compact: 25 lbs for contour 10’x 8’, transported in a wheeled bag
  • Intuitive setup: No tools needed – the connectors snap into the tubes, and an instructional system is found on each frame
  • Dye-sublimation printing for graphic impact: glare-free images, intense and deep colors, wrinkle resistant fabric

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Wall Divider

Our wall dividers create an ambiance that immerses viewers, while also meeting your needs for wall decoration or space separation.

  • Available in small or large format
  • Composed of a very thin, hardly visible frame and a graphic
  • Printed using dye-sublimation for high-definition quality and unparalleled color rendering

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Curved Display

Our curved display solutions add a unique element that is sure to attract attention.

  • Dye-sublimation fabric graphic giving it exceptional color execution
  • Perfectly fitted to the curved frame and is held taut by opaque self-fastening strips and pads
  • A lightweight and easily transportable solution
  • Interchangeable graphics

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Lightbox Column

Our lightbox columns can be used to maximize your brand impact and deliver eye-catching results.

  • Simple and easy to change
  • Create your custom lightbox column to any size you need
  • Utilize LED lighting that has many advantages including: low energy consumption, environmentally friendly, highly durable, no heat, and superb illumination


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