We are frontrunners and experts in SEG, short for silicone-edge graphics, tension fabric systems, and dye-sublimation fabric printing ensuring you receive the highest-quality products.


We utilize advanced technologies such as SEG, in which silicone is sewn into the edge of the graphic and is then inserted into the groove of the graphic. This combined with our tension fabric systems ensure you have a high-quality product that is easy to use.

The advantages of SEG are endless:

  • Large format, seamless graphics
  • Full spectrum viewing angle, no glare
  • Lower shipping costs
  • Lighter shipments, smaller packaging
  • Less damage – fewer re-dos
  • Fabric more forgiving than hard substrates
  • Lower labor costs
  • Associate level installations

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Our dye-sublimation printing technique offers unrivaled aesthetic rendering with the best color. A few benefits of this technique include:

  • Unrivaled quality: dye-sub printing offers exceptional contrast, intensity and depth. Colors are vibrant and available in a wide range, including at high density
  • Anti-reflective: dye-sublimated fabric absorbs light and prevents reflections from appearing on your image
  • More eco-friendly process: the inks used are aqueous solutions that are solvent-free and odorless

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